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About Us
The Cairo Gate was founded in September of 2005 by Carla Thornquist. The Cairo Gate was out of commission for a couple of months, in the danger of disappearing completely. Fred and Julia Schubert of The Computer Solution decided to resuscitate it in November of 2007and bring it back to life.

We believe that the World Wide Web offers an unprecedented opportunity for struggling small towns to level the playing field when vying for attention from corporations interested in relocation. Also, websites are an inexpensive means to draw interest in the community, especially from tourists, who love the internet.

The Cairo Gate provides independent journalism covering local politics, culture and society in innovative ways.

More importantly though, the Cairo Gate is documenting the past and present of a struggling community immensely rich in history and determined to survive.

How to submit letters to the editor for publication

If you would like to submit a letter to the editor for publication, please send an email message to

Place the headline of the article you are responding to in the subject heading. If you do not wish your letter to be published, please say so in the subject line (Eg. "Not for publication"). Please include your full name and a phone number where you can be reached during business hours, so we can confirm your identity.

This information will not be used for any reason other than verification and will not appear on our website. Letters may be edited for clarity and grammar.

The Gairo Gate reserves the right to edit submitted letters for length, grammar and spelling.

How to be selected for guest opinion

Send an email to explaining why your topic is important to the Cairo community. Also, please tell us a little about yourself -- your experience and background as a writer and qualifications for writing a particular story.

How to submit articles and ideas

The Cairo Gate welcomes article queries and submissions. The best way to submit articles and story pitches is via e-mail. Send submissions to

We ask that you please send the text of your query or submission in plain text in the body of your e-mail, rather than as an attached file, as we may not be able to read the format of your file.

If you have not heard back from us after one week, please send us a reminder email.

Also, please note that The Cairo Gate does not solicit fiction nor poetry submissions (unless the poet is being covered by our staff in a feature story) and will not be able to respond to such submissions.

Advertise in The Cairo Gate

The Cairo Gate offers a wide range of banner advertising opportunities, from which we can create a unique marketing program based on your objectives. Visit our Advertising page for more information on rates and banner sizes.

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