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Our advertising prices are based in CPM units or Cost Per Thousand

CPM is used by website owners to price ad banners. Sites that sell advertising will guarantee an advertiser a certain number of impressions. Impressions are the number of times an ad banner is downloaded and presumably seen by visitors. The fee charged is calculated by taking that guarantee (number of impressions) times the CPM rate.

A website that has a CPM rate of $40.00 for a 120 x 240 banner and guarantees an advertiser 6,000 impressions will charge $240.00 ($40.00 x 6) for a banner ad.

Since is averaging 2000 unique vistors per month (as of November 2005), the ad would be online for about three months. But the advertiser is paying for impressions, not a period of time. If's traffic increases to 6000 unique visitors per month, then the ad would run for one month ($40.00 x 6 = $240.00). Remember, the CPM is Cost Per 1000 unique visitors.

CPM's range from .29 cents to over $100.00. Be aware that some sites mistakenly charge per hit, not per unique visitor.

Finally, if you pay in advance, ad prices can be locked in for up to six months. For example, if the number of visitors increases in a six month period, you will not be billed for additional impressions (visitors.)

You can learn more about CPM's and advertising on the web at the following sites:

"What is Cost Per Thousand?" at

Our Rate Card

88 x 31 = $12.00 CPM
120 x 60 = $20.00 CPM
120 x 90 = $25.00 CPM
120 x 240 = $40.00 CPM
180 x 150 = $40.00 CPM
468 x 60 = $50.00 CPM

Actual Sizes (with CPM prices)

468 x 60 banner
88 x 31 120 x 240 180 x 150
120 x 60
120 x 90
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