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November 23, 2005

Stace England helps keep Cairo in the spotlight

By Carla Thornquist

Greetings from Cairo, Illinois National Public Radio's Morning Edition will air a story about Stace England's CD, Greetings From Cairo, Illinois on November 30. The NPR reporter, Rachel Jones, grew up in Cairo. Read Ms. Jones' biography at NPR. You can find your NPR station by zip code here:

If you miss the broadcast, it will be archived on Stace's website at

Robert Christgau recently chose Greetings from Cairo, Illinois as a Pick Hit in his Consumer Guide for The Village Voice, and well-known Dutch music journalist Jan Donkers visited Cairo on November 20 to tape a radio documentary on the CD for VPRO Dutch National Broadcasting, which will air on December 1st.

Donkers, described as the "John Peel of the Netherlands," is the most famous music journalist in Holland, but has also done documentaries on numerous subjects throughout the world.

"He is uniquely qualified to hit the music history angle on GFCI and bring it to a much wider European audience," noted Stace.

"It's an enormous honor to have a person of this stature fly over from Europe to visit us and Cairo...," said Stace.

On the web: (CD available for purchase)

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