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The Levee Blog archives

September 21, 2005 through December 31, 2005

December 31, 2005:  Enjoy New Year's Eve, Cairo! Remember to have a designated driver if you are traveling to or from a celebration. // Welcome officers Sanders and Zertuche to Cairo. Both are here filling in for the Cairo Police Department. Sanders is originally from Kankakee, Illinois. Both are here from the Carrier Mills Police Dept. Their commute is 77 miles EACH WAY. // Added the November 8 & November 22 City Council Minutes. // Thinking of adopting an older child? Visit the Heart Gallery of Illinois. // Another great review for Stace England's Greetings from Cairo, Illinois CD. Read "A Musical History Of Cairo, IL" in the Chicagoist Blog. // Looks like the Associated Press interviewed Mayor Farris on December 28. That article is from a Chicago television station. // The Cairo High School boys basketball team is 1-0 in the Black Diamond Conference and 4-5 overall. The girls are 1-2 in the Conference and 6-7 overall. Friday, Jan. 6, the boys play at Johnston City. Saturday, Jan. 7, CHS has a home game against Carmi/White Co. Follow the standings at the Black Diamond Conference website.

December 28, 2005:  The Laundromat and dry cleaners have new owners. Both are due to open in January.

December 27, 2005:  There is a "found" dog listed in the Classifieds at Cairo Gate. It was found on Olive Branch Road. It's part Golden Retriever & is now at the Cairo Dog Pound.

December 26, 2005:  Students needing a ride to Shawnee Community College to register for spring classes are in luck. Southern Most Area Rural Transportation (SMART) will be providing complimentary rides to SCC students who are registering for spring classes January 3 - 6, 2006. For more information contact Leslie Weldon at 800-481-2242 ext. 3337 or SMART at 866-577-6278. // Three people were shot, one person is in critical condition and a vehicle struck another individual at 2:16AM on Christmas Day in Cairo. If you have any information about the shooting, contact state police at 618-542-2171. The shootings took place at the corner of Fourth Street and Commercial Avenue.

December 24, 2005:  Merry Christmas! // Yesterday I met with friends in Pana, IL, about 20 miles north of Vandalia. They still have some snow there, halfway up the state. I brought mistletoe, holly and magnolia seeds from Cairo for friends to take back to the Quad Cities. I'm amazed at how much mistletoe Cairo has. I read that it takes six years for mistletoe to begin producing berries. My son, Kent, is always thinking of new projects. A month or so ago he began gathering mistletoe. He sold a few greeting cards containing mistletoe door to door, then told Kristy Tillman at Two Rivers Ministries about his idea to market mistletoe. Two Rivers liked the idea and paid Kent $50.00 to harvest mistletoe for them. The mistletoe was packaged and sold by Youth Enterprise, a project of Two Rivers. Maybe Cairo should have a Mistletoe Celebration next Christmas. Add a Christmas parade to the festivities. We have mild weather here, so a parade is feasible. Carbondale's parade, Lights Fantastic, is still going strong. I don't see much mistletoe outside of Cairo. Not in Mounds, nor Wickliffe. Not anywhere along I-57 heading north from town. Actually, it almost disappears north of the Cairo gate. I'd like to see Cairo celebrate her unique features. The rivers (I still want a huge fishing pier at 8th Street!), mistletoe, history, and architecture. Julia's slideshow is a reminder that Cairo is filled with architecturally significant homes. We focus on Riverlore and Magnolia Manor, but outsiders should be made aware that the city is filled with beautiful, well constructed homes. // Last night I took pictures of the house that won the Gingko Garden Club award for "Best Lighting." My photos were too dark, but you can see the lights at 710 M.L. King Jr. Avenue. // A couple people commented on the Port of Cairo Message Board about the banner ad here for Duane Lyon (aka street preacher). They thought it appeared as if The Cairo Gate is endorsing him. We are not endorsing any candidates. Mr. Lyon paid for that ad. Any political candidate can do so and hopefully will! Personally, I will support candidates who have specific plans for job creation. If the candidates aren't talking jobs, I'm not interested. I've said this before...Cairo is practically a welfare state. We need jobs. And we need politicians who will work hard to bring jobs here or work to create them. // In my post below, I forgot to thank Two Rivers for loaning me space heaters when my furnace wasn't working. Thanks! // I heard that sidewalks are being poured for free in Cairo. Why are they free and who decides who gets them? I suspect it's highly unusual for a city to offer free sidewalks. It's usually a 50/50 split. The homeowner pays 50%. // I read that the clock project was put on hold again. That's probably a good thing, since the city claims to be broke. // Cairo has enormous economic conditions to correct. This new year let's keep jobs as the number one priority. If the city council isn't talking job creation, make a mental note of that. If politicians aren't offering economic plans for recovery or stabilization, tell them you've heard it all before. It's jobs or nothing from here on out. It can be done & it's up to the politicians and local entrepreneurs to do it. Without job creation, Cairo has no future. // Merry Christmas!

December 20, 2005:  Season's Greetings, Cairo! Since I've been offline for nearly two weeks, there is much news to add to the site. I apologize for my absence. Julia and Fred at The Computer Solution in Cairo helped in adding the beautiful slideshow of decorated homes in my absence. Thanks! // I also want to thank the guys at JAFCO Heating in Cairo for fixing my furnace on the coldest day so far this winter. They were fast, efficient and friendly. Thanks much! And my kids thank you. // Another thank you to Cairo Windows and Siding for loaning me their Reddy Heater when the pipes froze in the garage. Sorry Donald had to retrieve it! // And yet another thank you...thanks to George Bell at Bell Monument in Cairo for helping us out repeatedly since we moved here. Cairo is a great town. So many warm and helpful people. // Channel's 3, 6 and 12 announced on the news last night that five employees of the Cairo Police Department have been suspended without pay, while the recent death, in a jail cell, is being investigated. The Southern Illinoisan website reported, "Farris said he took action because he felt the city was rife for civil unrest. He said members of the police department have been afraid of retaliation." From
Ron Newell, President of the Cairo Association of Teachers, posted articles, from several news sites on the internet, regarding the death of Demetrius Flowers. Mr. Flowers died last Wednesday morning while in the custody of the Cairo Police Department. Rather than post many urls to the articles, I'm posting this link to Mr. Newell's page. Mr. Flowers' funeral will be Friday at Heavenly Gates Funeral Home in Cairo. // Mr. Flowers lived a few blocks from me. Occasionally he knocked on my door, usually bright and early, to ask for a cigarette. He was always polite and appreciative. Barbara, his significant other, and her kids (eight children in all; Mr. Flowers was the father of the five youngest) could use a helping hand to make it through the holidays. They need a "Santa" or two. The ages & sexes are: female, age 15; male, age 12; male, age 9; male, age 7; female, age 6; female, age 2 and male twins, age 3 months. All the kids could use new clothes and, because it's Christmas, TOYS! of course. You can call or email me and I will make sure the family receives any gifts you buy for them. The kids are sweet. My phone number is 734-9623 and my email is Thanks. Carla // I read an article in The Southern about the volunteers at Magnolia Manor. The article stated that the Magnolia Manor cookbooks may be ordered by sending a check for $12.50 per book to the Cairo Historical Association, 2700 Washington Ave., Cairo, IL 62914. // Also in the news, the Dec. 1st Southeast Missourian, stated that Illinois police are analyzing bones found in Cairo. "Determining the age of the person at the time of death and the length of time since the death are important to deciding whether the area is a crime scene or an archaelogical site." from // In a recent interview, David Roediger, professor of history at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, referred to Cairo's unfortunate past. He said, "But I also lived, summers and many weekends in a very different kind of racist town. It was Cairo, at the junction of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers at the southern tip of Illinois. Cairo's civil rights movement matured very late in the 1960s, in conjunction with Black Power." From // Duane Lyon reported on The Cairo Times newsgroup: "There are 5 people running for Alexander County Commissioner on the Democratic ticket. This is the primary and only one will go on to the general election to face Republican Mike Caldwell, Sr. who is running unopposed. I'll list the Democrats as their names will appear on the ballot and their order on the ballot: (1) Duane "street preacher" Lyon (2) Darrell Shemwell (3) Dorothy Mayberry (4) Shannon Jackson (5) James Huff." // I still need a sports writer! Just think of the prestige. Big time sports writer for The Cairo Gate! Shawnee Community College has journalism scholarships available for sports writers. Intern here &get those five needed writing samples. Email me about an internship at I'm serious! Check out the scholarship info at Shawnee's website. Sorry, it's a link to a dreaded PDF file. (under 2MB) // If anyone has information about a recent house fire in Cairo, I'd like to share that news. Thanks. // I'm still trying to contact the Police chief regarding access to copies of the monthly police reports. I realize I need to post them asap. The Minutes from the November Council meetings were approved, so I'll be posting those in the next few days. And the Fire calls are behind. Whew!

December 7, 2005:  Please visit the web page of our newest sponsor, Mitchell's Bar-B-Que in Tamms. // Sorry I haven't been updating. I'll be offline for a couple more days, at least. Thanks, Carla

December 1, 2005:  Ripley Lee Pryor and George Moss will perform Saturday night, Dec. 3, 8:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M., at Beyond the Bay, Rt. 51, Cairo. (Just north of the Cairo gate & RR overpass.) Mr. Pryor plays guitar and harmonica; Mr. Moss plays the drums. Years ago they played together in a band called Crosstown Boys. No cover charge. // Read "Singer Evokes Turbulent History of Cairo, Ill." by Rachel Jones. And, "Lessons from Cairo, Illinois," Reporter's Notebook, NPR, By Rachel Jones.

tree fire November 28, 2005:  A tree limb fell on electrical wires between 22nd & 23rd Streets on Holbrook last night, sometime after 1:00 AM, starting the tree on fire in several spots. Not very big fires, but the embers were blowing wildly about. The transformer made several loud KABOOMS and power was knocked out on 22nd Street & Holbrook. I live on 23rd, a block away, and didn't lose power. Officer Crowe kept his spotlight on the sparking wires & burning tree until the fire department showed up, then CPU. I left at that point. I need a better camera:(

November 27, 2005:  I added a 15 second clip of a choral group singing "Silver Bells" last night (see image of group above). I had much more to work with, but my daughter's friend kept talking during the recording. If anyone has more info about the singing group (a name?), please send it to me by email. Thanks. // My daughter, Faith, took photos at the "Night in the Park" last night. The lights looked beautiful, the singers sounded exquisite & the weather was perfect. (I'm checking the video recording of the singers to find out if the audio has clean enough sound to post.) "Night in the Park" photos are here. // I added a link to Rachael Jones' biography in the "Greetings from Cairo, Illinois" story. Rachael Jones grew up in Cairo and is the sister of Julie Newell. Julie's husband, Ron, represents the teacher's union here and is the webmaster at the Cairo Association of Teachers' website (sign up for their Newsletter. It's very informative & entertaining). And...he's my daughter's History teacher. Whew. Follow all that? Anyway, Rachael can be a great role model for Cairo youth. Wonder how many students are aware that she's a reporter for National Public Radio? Read Ms. Jones' biography at NPR.

November 25, 2005:  Hope everyone had a warm & fun holiday. Julia & Fred Schubert at The Computer Solution invited the kids & I for dinner. They are very kind people and...Julia is a great cook! Everything was cooked to perfection. Plus, there was so much food I never even made it to the mini cheesecakes and homemade pumpkin & banana breads. I did manage the homemade apple AND pumpkin pies, though. The turkey was smoked, yummy and purchased through the St. Mary's Park fundraiser, I believe. My kids and I thank your family! I HOPE my kids told you that...oops, forgot I was on the internet;) // Speaking of computers, there is a wildly spreading (again) worm called SOBER or a variant thereof on the WWW. I'm getting quite annoyed by it. You probably already know about it; if not, it uses the following subject lines and comes from users/businesses with strange AND familiar ISP's:

  • You visit illegal websites
  • Your IP was logged
  • hi,ive a new mail address
  • Registration Confirmation
  • Registration_Confirmation
  • Your Password
  • Mail Delivery Failed
  • smtp mail failed
  • Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie
Please do not open attachments! I rarely open them & never without scanning them first. There is a removal tool at Symantec and a detection tool called Stinger McAfee.

November 24, 2005:  Happy Thanksgiving everyone! // Duane "Street Preacher" Lyon officially announced Saturday that he will seek the Democratic nomination for Alexander County Commissioner. Lyon lives in Miller City and is the President & Director of Promise Land Mission, Inc., Cairo.

November 23, 2005:  "Night in the Park" is Saturday, December 26, from 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. at St. Mary's Park. The public is invited to come enjoy the lights and join in singing holiday songs. There will be prizes and a bonfire. // Please help to support this website! If you hope that this website stays online, then please patronize those businesses with ads here. At least tell them you saw their ad on Cairo Also, Cut Mart has a coupon. Please use it. It's for .50 cents off every $3.00 purchase. You can print the page or, right click on the image, save it to a folder in your Documents, then print it from there. Thanks much! // Kim at McGinness', 4000 Sycamore Street, Cairo, informed me that McGinness' will have a holiday Open House from 12:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M. on Sunday. Wassail and cookies will be served. Plus...door prizes! Call 734-0714 for more info.

November 22, 2005:  The Cairo City Council meets at 5:30 P.M. today in the Council Chambers at 1501 Washington Avenue, Cairo, IL. Phone: (618) 734-4127. // There's a website that posts average gasoline prices in Illinois. Yesterday Vienna's stations averaged $2.09 a gallon. Don't think Cairo is included in the database. See The State of Illinois is keeping track, as well. Visit // An article in the Peoria Journal Star ("Police brass setting bad standard") about corruption in the ISP, mentions Cairo, but I couldn't figure out why.

November 19, 2005:  Alexander County Coroner David Barkett announced Wednesday that he will seek the Democratic nomination for sheriff in the March primary. Read more at

November 17, 2005:  Stace England got a nice review in New York's Village Voice. He's raking in positive reviews around the globe for his CD release "Greetings from Cairo." Congrats to Stace! // A couple features coming up on George Moss, who opened Beyond the Bay and Bud Mitchell, who opened Mitchell's Bar-B-Que in Tamms. Sorry they aren't posted yet, George and Bud! // And, I'm sorry I haven't been updating the rest of the website. I was working on a project for the Cairo Knights of Columbus. On Saturday, November 19, they will celebrate their centennial with a Mass at St. Patrick Church, followed by a dinner at the Elks Club. I created ads for the book commemorating their centennial. I'm still tied up for a few days, but I'll update the site soon. // I have Fire Reports to add to the site, and the police chief said I can use the monthly reports, so I'll work on getting those. It was too difficult for me to make it to to the station daily to grab the police reports. The City Council Minutes from last week should be ready. Speaking of which, I visited the website of the town I lived in until I was eleven years old. It's in Massachusetts. I noticed that they publish the minutes of their town council meetings (council members are called "selectmen"). I was surprised to discover that their council meetings last 2-6 hours, twice a month. Most lasted 3-4 hours. I'm going to request that Cairo's Council Minutes include the time of the motion to adjourn. Gotta see how much time our leaders spend twice a month in trying to fix Cairo:) // The Cairo Association of Teachers website posted the agenda from the last Board of Education meeting & I caught this: "Authorize the purchase of a computer system for the business department from Creative Data for $9,750. A motion was made, seconded, and passed." Someone needs to find out what they purchased for almost $10,000.00. And why purchase from a computer store outside the area when we have one here in town? Shouldn't it be required that the Board solicit for bids when they are spending that kind of money? It says "a" computer station, but I heard it was for two. Still, they could have purchased at least eight for that much money! // Cairo High School is STILL suspending kids left and right. Next, I'm going to investigate the "persistently dangerous school" references in No Child Left Behind, because it may be that Cairo falls in that category. The school must bring the number of incidents down, or that, too, will cause sanctions. // I sent AD Larry Baldwin links to where he can find used marching band uniforms online. // The gas station at the foot of the bridge in Missouri is open, but not stocked yet. // Christmas displays are going up in St. Mary's Park. I should say "signs" rather than displays, since that's what I saw, for the most part. And, the city put up the Christmas decorations on the street lights. // Television station WKYT, channel 27, covered the dedication of the Lewis & Clark sculpture yesterday. For those who wanted the sculpture explained a bit, here's WKYT's description, "Around the dish's rim are eight bronze markers, each noting a compass direction. The largest marker - three feet long and pyramid in shape - points northward up the Mississippi, the direction Meriwether Lewis and William Clark headed after spending five days here in mid-November 1803 after gathering data and beginning the effort of mapping their river route to the Pacific Ocean." Read the story at // I posted some controversial threads on the Port of Cairo message board, hoping to generate discussion. Please visit the board and join in the discussion. Feel free to tell me that I'm wrong about things. The Board is there to educate (myself, at times) and entertain. // I read that Cairo has a 24% teen pregnancy rate. For those who didn't know, that number IS NOT NORMAL. My teenage daughter told me that at her former high school, the girl's bathrooms and locker room had numerous abstinence posters. If you work in an agency that has access to such posters, please let me know. // NCLB allows, even encourages, schools to teach character building. I know the Quad City schools have anti-bullying speakers visit yearly. It's paid for by the construction unions. Perhaps the Laborer's Union in Cairo would pay for a similar program here. // Sterling High School has a program called BLIND. I asked Cairo school adminstrators if we could try BLIND here, but they don't think we need it. BLIND is only held once a year. It's a day set aside for students to engage in activities that force them to consider differences among us. It helps the kids learn more about each other and appreciate their differences. And it's about respect for others. For females, minorities, the handicapped and those of different religions and cultures. It's needed at Cairo schools. // Conflict resolution through peer juries is needed here, as well. // Tomorrow there is a blue/white basketball game at Cairo H.S. I'll add the schedules soon.

November 8, 2005:  The Cairo City Council meets tonight at 5:30 P.M. at City Hall, 1501 Washington Avenue, Cairo, IL. Phone: (618) 734-4127 // Please remember to send me area events for posting on the Events Calendar.

November 7, 2005:  According to a Post-Dispatch article on November 2, the Illinois National Guard is hurting. "National Guard units in Illinois and Missouri are underequipped across the board, from vehicles to radios to night-vision devices, according to internal military figures," from Illinois and Missouri seem to be doing worse than the rest of the states. Illinois has 4 percent of the medium trucks required by military standards - six out of 166 - while Missouri has only 28 percent. "Mark Allen, chief spokesman for the National Guard Bureau, said that in September 2001, before the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Guard equipment levels stood at 75 percent - but have fallen to 34 percent. 'We've left a lot of equipment in theater, and of course a lot of it has been destroyed and is not coming back,' Allen said." Read the article here:

November 6, 2005:  A tornado touched down near Henderson, Ky. about 2:15 A.M. killing 16, injuring over 200 and knocking out power to thousands. Twelve people died in Eastbrook Mobile Home Park near Evansville. // Finally got the Mounds parade photos up. Click here. // The cleanup at McBride Friday night was a huge success. It's much cleaner now & we had fun in the process. (I arrived an hour or so late, but everyone appeared to be in high spirits.) Many McBride residents visited with the cleaning crew afterward. We dined on grilled hamburgers & hotdogs, punch and popsicles. It was a lovely evening. I'll share photos & thank you messages to all involved...soon.

November 4, 2005:  Today, Friday, when school lets out (at Bennett & CHS) students, parents and other concerned citizens are invited to volunteer their muscles at McBride Housing Complex. Twelve-year-old, Kent Thornquist, of Cairo, wanted to clean up the trash and broken glass on the road behind McBride, but his Mom (that's me) didn't have time to help him implement his plans. He explained his plans to Christy Tillman (the local kids call her "Miss Christy") of the Youth Worship Center, located at the former St. Joseph's School. Christy helped Kent find sponsors who provided garbage bags and brooms for the clean-up. She also found local businesses that donated ice, food and pop for the volunteers. Please put on your work clothes and a smile, then meet at McBride this afternoon. The hours are approx. 3:00 PM - 6:30 PM. Grilled hot dogs and hamburgers will be served to all volunteers. The Youth Worship Center just happened to be expecting visitors from out of town today. They will help with the cleanup, as well. Give them a warm Cairo welcome! Many thanks to the businesses that donated supplies, cash and food: Ali at Cut Mart Gas Station, Peng at New Hong Kong Restaurant, SuperValu grocery store and a few others (I'll get the list from my kids in the morning. It's late.) Thanks also to Christy and Kent! // I STILL have not posted the Mounds parade photos. Sorry! Now I have even more to add to the 'Gate.' Photos of the Scholastic Bowl at CHS competing last night against Century. And photos of the CHS girls basketball team practice. // Athletic Director Larry Baldwin is very excited about the girls basketball program this year. Former girl's basketball coach, Ms. Shepherd, is returning to coach varsity after a long hiatus. She coached the CHS girls BB team in the 80's! Larry said he played one-on-one against her years ago and she was tough. He thinks highly of the junior high coach, too, and if I was a "real" reporter, I'd know her name. Sorry. I'll get it! The boy's BB team has their first game the end of this month. All schedules will be posted in the Sports section of the 'Gate.' // Graffiti was spray painted over a large section of Elm Street at the north end of Elmwood. It was sprayed right onto the street. Cairo has enough to deal with, without having to pay for graffiti removal. Show some respect, whomever is responsible. It's your town. Adults in Cairo need to speak up when they see things like that happening.

November 3, 2005:  Someone on the WWW suggests that Southern Illinois become a state, apart from Illinois. Bet you've heard that idea before. "Where would the capital be located? If the new state is to be called 'Little Egypt', then the obvious choice is Cairo," from

November 2, 2005:  Here's a quote for ya: "The thing about it is that Cairo is dying on the vine," by Rep. Brandon Phelps, D-Norris City. Read that in the Southern Illinoisan today. I'm new here. Has that guy done much to help Cairo? When I first moved here, I thought the citizens & politicians needed to realize the urgency regarding Cairo's situation. Now I know they realized it long ago. That realization can be paralyzing. Cairo is beautiful! I've seen much worse up north in large cities. Those cities are continually working on transforming neighborhoods much larger than the entire city of Cairo. You certainly can't give up. And, please, no more statements like, 'dying on the vine.' Unless, of course, you are working to bring jobs here. // "The Cairo City Council Minutes have been added. These are the official minutes, so there will be a delay in posting them. Meaning...don't expect them the day after a Council meeting. It appears to me that the Mayor and Council are working together to put Cairo back on track. Thumbs up to our government officials. Now, if they start talking job creation, I'll be REALLY happy with their performance! // Someone from Sen. Obama's office was in Cairo yesterday to discuss the abandoned hospital. Julia, at The Computer Solution, informed me that there is a sign as you enter Cairo from the north, that announces events in Cairo (such as the visit by Obama's rep). I never noticed it! Thanks, Julia. // There's a meeting with a rep from Obama's office on November 27 to discuss utility rates at CPU, but I don't have the details. Someone email me about it, please! // Finally, someone wrote a Letter to the Editor about the procedure used to inform the public about the records at the abandoned hospital. The writer claims that laws were broken when it was announced by the press that records were there unprotected. Something about HIPAA laws. I'll post his letter soon. I just need to verify something in relation to the letter. // That's all. Thanks for visiting...and for the kind email messages:)

November 1, 2005:  I dropped the ball with the website search engine, or site search. It works now! I finally checked in with PicoSearch and discovered that a lot of visitors have been doing searches & getting no results. The site has been indexed, so search away. // Tonight I spent far too much time browsing through the Library of Congress records, looking at old photos of Cairo. I found photos of the flood in '37, of couples drinking at a bar in 1940 (titled, "Young couples in beer parlor. Cairo, Illinois"), cars parked on the beach at the river, a group photo of merchants, Big Four Cafe and more. Oh, an aerial shot called, "Levee being dynamited to save Cairo, Illinois, during the 1937 flood." That one is remarkable. Go to the American Memory section of the LOC, then, in the search box at the top right, where it says, "Search all collections," type in "Cairo, Illinois" // Still haven't posted the Mounds parade photos. Sorry! I'm sick from eating too much Halloween candy. At 47 you'd think I'd know better. // Don't forget, the Levee Footrace is coming up November 12th! // Thought I'd end without venting? Hardly! Does anyone want to brainstorm with others about job creation in Cairo? I certainly do. Cairo is appearing more & more as a socialist state. Which would be fine, so long as the government employs all of us (not just teachers, municipal workers, social service agencies & non-profits.) Course then we'd be talking about Communism, not Socialism. Anyway, think about those of us who do not have government jobs. Businesses need other businesses to stay in business. If everyone is either on the dole or employed by the government, where's the tax base? Someone has to bring jobs here. Without jobs, the government is just spinning its wheels. Might as well hand Cairo over to the State & be done with it. Has the City Council formed a "Jobs Task Force" of any kind? We should pay our leaders (Mayor, Council, etc.), and pay them well, but they must work to bring jobs here. That's their job. Where was I? Oh, does anyone want to brainstorm with others about job creation in Cairo? Email me about JOBS.

October 31, 2005:  Happy Halloween, Cairo! // I keep forgetting to mention or congratulate everyone who was instrumental in getting the hospital sealed. I read in the Citizen that "Street Preacher" informed the press about it. Ken Gunn, webmaster at the Pilot Light, said numerous members of PL2000 contacted the Attorney General about the hospital. I'm sure City Hall did their part, as well. The community pulled together for a good cause and got results. You all deserve a pat on the back:) I added the press release re the hospital, found on the State's website, to the NEWS page at the 'Gate.' // I haven't added the photos of the parade in Mounds yet. Sorry! I will.

October 30, 2005:  In the WPSD article about the Illinois - Missouri bridge reopening, the reporter said the Fisca gas station has been scrambling to get the shelves restocked. And that they plan to reopen by Saturday. I went there today and not only is it closed, but all shelves appeared bare and there's a large dumpster full of remodeling debris. I can't see them reopening soon. Please let me know when they do. // The Illinois House voted Thursday to close the state's riverboat casinos. The bill, HB1920, now goes to the state Senate, where it is likely to be blocked by Senate President Emil Jones. The bill to end riverboat gambling passed 67-42. The bill's sponsor, Rep. John Bradley, D-Marion, said the casinos encourage gambling addiction, lead to crime and take money away from the people who can least afford to lose it. I agree and add that casinos disconnect community members from each other by giving handouts to non-profits that previously had to rely on community and corporate fundraisers. Also, casinos drive away businesses in competition with them; especially dining and entertainment establishments. (Unless the casino is a "destination location," meaning there is not much else in the town.) Finally, when government relies on gambling revenues, they are choosing a quick fix, instead of looking for long term solutions to economic problems. I've heard people in Cairo say, 'If only we had gotten the casino instead of Metropolis.' Meanwhile, the feds were looking for intermodal ports, which could have saved Cairo (still can, IMHO). Riverboat gambling was legalized in 1990 and the Federal Office of Intermodalism was established in 1992. But, our politicians wanted a quick fix. Maybe that's why the country keeps breaking records for the number of bankruptcies files. We look for a quick buck, instead of doing as our grandparents and great-grandparents did. Work, save and don't live beyond your means. Thumbs up to Rep. Bradley for having the courage to stand up to the gambling industry. BTW, Metropolis' median household income in 2000 was $25,371. Not much higher than Cairo's at $21,607. Share your thoughts on riverboat gambling on the Port of Cairo Message Board.

October 29, 2005:  I had to drive to the Quad Cities and back in 24 hours (15 hours of driving!), so I'm behind in updating this site. There are new articles to post, so please check back tomorrow. Thanks.

October 27, 2005:  WPSD News Channel 6 reported that the (US 60/62) Illinois - Missouri bridge reopened this morning, a week early. See // A review of a photo exhibit by Michael Eastman mentions a photo he took of downtown Cairo.

October 26, 2005:  I attended my first City Council meeting last night and it was painless:) One thing that surprised me was that almost all in attendance were up in years. Why don't people in their 30's & 40's attend those meetings? The chamber was full, so I stood in the hallway. The police union contract was approved, so they went into executive session. I left at that point. Next time I'll stay longer. And get there on time. I've requested "official" copies of the Minutes of all council meetings so you can read them here. I met some people at the meeting who are working to bring positive change to Cairo. One woman told me about a conference coming up in November, to be held here, regarding the utility rates charged by Cairo Public Utility. A representative from Senator Obama's office is scheduled to attend. Miss Kristy (Kristy Tillman) was there with her father, Gary Tillman, and others involved with Two Rivers Community Development Center (hope I got that name right.) They pray at the council meetings. Prayers to end the division and prayers to bring good to Cairo. I'm weak in the prayer department, so I appreciate that they are doing it. I'm behind in my work on a website I maintain for a newspaper in the Quad Cities, so I may not be updating much here for a few days. I am scheduled to interview the Cairo Police Chief ("15 Minutes with..."), so that may get posted. My job for that newspaper up north requires that I search through all archived articles on their main website. While doing so, I'm pulling out some interesting articles that people in Cairo may find useful. I'm posting them on the Port of Cairo message board. Check them out. Last night, at the council meeting, a man told me I had no right to write anything about Cairo on this website, because I'm not from Cairo. I was quite surprised & somewhat disappointed. What I see in Cairo is extreme. The condition of the buildings, the high crime rate, the low test schools at the schools and the 12% unemployment rate. (Add to that the pay scale for the jobs that are available.) These conditions did not happen overnight. They occured over many years. The mayor is right on one point. You can't argue the fact that he inherited a town in shambles. Mismanaged funds & poor leadership account for many of Cairo's problems. To the man who told me I have no right, I say, "Where were you? What were you saying and doing for the past 15-20 years to turn things around?" And, don't be so defensive. I like Cairo or I wouldn't be here. The people are warm, the land is beautiful. The city needs jobs, good schools and more medical facilities. Without jobs, nothing will improve. That's my agenda. There! You have it. My gripe is mainly to do with job creation. // The laundromat and dry cleaners have closed. A little bird said, "pick up your clothes at the cleaners." What will we do without a laundromat?! Oh my. // I visited Beyond the Bay, just north of the high school, last weekend, not knowing what to expect. I was very impressed. The outside does not do the place justice. It's tasteful, clean & comfortable. I hear the food is excellent. The owner, George Moss, wants to book bands. // Where are the musicians in Cairo? I want to post your info & audio on this site, but can't find you. Contact me!!

October 24, 2005:  Tomorrow night the Cairo City Council has a regularly scheduled meeting at 5:30 P.M. The public is invited, so please try to attend and I will do the same. Even if we don't say anything, our presence is a visual reminder to our representatives that they are there to improve conditions in Cairo. I hope to hear some discussion of job creation!

football October 23, 2005:  Found out that the Pilot's lost their last game of the season. The Carterville Lions scored 55 points in the first half and grabbed a 55-0 win over Cairo. Congratulations to the team & coaches for keeping the football program alive. // Anybody in Cairo interested in establishing a youth football program so our kids can be better prepared (and acquire the determination) to play high school football? Cairo needs youth and junior high age football programs. Football, unlike basketball, requires organized teams lead by adults. It requires more players, a field and more equipment. If that were not true, you'd see dozens of kids playing football at McBride and Elmwood. You DO see the kids playing basketball at those locations EVERY day. So, how about it? Who in Cairo loves football & kids and has some free time? // No news for ya, kids said there was a large fire at a house in Cairo last night. I'll find out more about it. Anyone know who won the Pilot's football game Friday night? If so, please email me with the score.

October 20, 2005:  Just a reminder that our Classified ads are free. Categories include appliances, autos, computers, furniture, electronics, general merchandise, jobs, personals (dating), real estate, rental houses, apartments/roommates, and services provided (business directory). Our Auction is free, too. Instead of putting used items out for trash pick-up, post it on the Auction. You may have exactly want someone in Cairo is looking for! // A fence is being erected around the abandoned Southern Medical Center. The EPA is developing plans to demolish the building. The Dept. of Transportation is erecting the fence. // No school in Cairo tomorrow due to Parent Teacher Conferences. // Also tomorrow, the Pilots play their last football game of the season at Carterville. Good luck Pilots! // The dumpsters are overflowing again in Elmwood. About a month ago I asked the Housing Authority why there is so much broken glass and trash around the McBride Housing Complex, and was told that there's a stand-off of sorts between the city & the Housing Authority. Each claims it's the others responsibility. Meanwhile, the children living there must view trash and litter every day.

October 17, 2005:  The Illinois EPA discovered that homeless people have been living in the asbestos filled, long abandoned, St. Mary's Hospital (aka Southern Medical Center). The facility has been cordoned off with tape & an "Access Forbidden" sign is posted at the main entrance. // Updated the Police & Fire Reports page and the Adopt a Pet! photo gallery. // Cairo High School Athletic Director Larry Baldwin changed his mind about an interview re the football article, DURING the interview. He asked for the interview, then decided he did not want to be quoted. // Thanks to all who have sent letters in support of this website.

October 16, 2005:  Just added! 10/14 HOMECOMING GAME PHOTOS // Yesterday I found an AP news article dated October 8 about two SIU archeologists who have been flying by helicopter over a 45 mile stretch of the Ohio River searching for "graves of a former Civil War gunboat and other vessels." They saw something near Mound City that could be the Cincinnati, an iron-wrapped Civil War gunboat.

October 15, 2005:  The Cairo Pilots lost to Johnston City (55-6) Friday night. I'll post photos later today. // The 1344th National Guard Unit is coming home from Iraq today. They left for Iraq on October 9, 2004. I think I heard they will arrive at the Armory at 10:00 A.M., but I'm not sure. WKRO (1490 AM) is supposed to announce the time.

October 14, 2005:  Re my corrections below to the football article, I checked the IHSA website and discovered that the smallest school Cairo High School plays against, has twice Cairo's enrollment. // A couple corrections to the article about Cairo High School's football program. Thanks to Bobby Mayberry for correcting me. First of all, Cairo is not the only BDC school that does not Co-op. (I have to find out which other schools do.) Also, not really a correction, but Bobby informed me that "in 2002 we started the season 3-1. Then we went to St. Louis and played one of the defending Missouri State Championship teams. We played a great game against them but lost 40-6 (or something like that)." Again, thanks Bobby. // Employees of the Illinois EPA visited St. Mary's Hospital Wednesday afternoon. Two workers entered the facility wearing white protective suits, helmets and breathing masks. Before leaving the premises, they posted asbestos warning signs at the main entrance to the hospital. EPA representative Gary Steele said they were there to collect samples and take measurements. Maggie Carson, of the EPA's Public Information Office, may be contacted for more information about their visit. Call (217) 558-1536.

New Hong Kong Buffet October 9, 2005:  The New Hong Kong Buffet will have their Grand Opening celebration this Thursday, October 13. Eat in or call ahead to pick up your order. Phone: 734-9780. New Hong Kong is across the street from the Alexander County Courthouse at 2013 Washington. Lunch buffet is served from 11:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M. and costs $4.75. Dinner buffet is served from 5:00 P.M. - 8:30 P.M. and costs $6.25. Over 50 items will be available daily at the buffets; including chicken & beef dishes, salad and fresh fruit. // Just added photos of the abandoned hospital. // Pilot Light 2000 is loaded with images and information about Cairo. The website is for Cairo High School classes from all graduating years, but primarily focuses on the 1960's. Even if you did not graduate from CHS, it's an interesting website to visit for anyone interested in Cairo. Visit: // I have received letters from people concerned about the records at the hospital. One person suggested that a group of concerned citizens go there together to secure the records. I asked about the hospital when I moved here in July. It was common knowledge that the previous owner left without securing anything. It's very odd that city officials didn't secure the building. Did the citizens ask that it be secured by city officials? Why or why not? Aside from the records and drugs left inside, it is (was) a relatively modern, nice looking building. Apparently well constructed. And quite large. To see it exposed and abandoned, is surprising. At the very least, the doors should have been locked and the first floor windows boarded up. The upper windows could have been covered with plastic. Why didn't anyone act? From the mayor, council and police department, to the citizens. Weren't people complaining about it at council meetings?

October 8, 2005:  The Cairo Pilots football team played a great game, but it ended in a 18-0 loss. Good effort, Pilots! // If you have not read the ambitious plans for Fort Defiance Park in Cairo, they are online at SIUC's website. // The website, Historic Bridges of the Midwest, has a section on the bridges in Alexander County. Included are images of the following bridges: Cache Channel Illinois Central Bridge, Cache Channel Missouri Pacific Bridge, Cairo I-57 Bridge, Cairo Mississippi River Bridge, Cairo Ohio River Bridge, Cairo Railroad Bridge, Gale Bridge, Miller Creek Bridge and Thebes Bridge. Visit

October 7, 2005:  WPSD Channel 6 published two articles about the condition of the former St. Mary's Hospital. "Outdated medicine and old medical records litter the filthy floors and asbestos is everywhere. But in the last 18 years, no one has stepped forward to clean up the building or demolish it." Read "Abandoned Hospital Left Open For Kids, Homeless," and "Hospital Closes But Medical Records Are Left Behind." // Why did it take the press 18 years to write about the hospital? // Ali, at Cut-Mart, says the purchase of Charlie's is not final. // Channel 6 also mentioned the stabbings last Friday night at Elmwood.

October 6, 2005:  The Cairo Custom House Museum has a new phone number. It is (618) 734-9632. Louise Ogg informed me that the mayor would not let them use the old (pre-disconnection) number. // My, what a mess. Do all politicians bicker down here?

October 5, 2005:  The Cairo Pilots football team fell to 0-6 on the season last Friday night. This Friday, the Pilots travel to Eldorado. If you see the players and coaches on the street, in school, at church or in Supervalu, tell them something like, "good effort." Let them know you appreciate the work they put into practices. And, be sure to keep Friday, October 14th open on your calendar! That will be their final home game of the season.

October 4, 2005:  The New Hong Kong restaurant, at 2013 Washington Ave., Cairo, will be opening soon. I spoke with Peng at New Hong Kong and he said they are shooting for opening in a week, but it could take 10 days to a month. He gave me a copy of the menu. The restaurant will serve Szechuan, Hunan and Cantonese cuisine. The hours will be Sun. - Thur. 11:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M.; Fri. & Sat. 11:00 A.M. - 11:00 P.M. // Ali, proprietor of the new Cut-Mart, has purchased Charlie's on the levee. He plans to serve Middle Eastern food (falafels, hummus) and hopes to book belly dancers as entertainment. Cut-Mart, by the way, is doing a brisk business! // Stace England (Greetings from Cairo), got a nice review in the Post-Dispatch today. // The Chicago Sun Times had an article in yesterday's paper about the Thebes Courthouse. See, "Locked out of history," by Jim Suhr // A few weeks ago, I heard that there is a community computer center in the Alexander County Housing Authority's elderly high-rise. A center used for access by the citizens. Last Friday I checked into it, and found out that Shawnee Community College moved their office out of the building the day before. The computers are still there, but nobody is there to monitor the room. I was told that the computers will be moved to the Cairo Community Education Center in December. That same night I learned that a community computer center already exists in the former junior high (CCEC). I'm curious about how many residents know that the centers exist. I'll find out more about the computer center, eventually.

October 3, 2005:  Darn, I finally met the mayor & forgot to mention "intermodalism." It was a very brief encounter as he was leaving City Hall. I was there to pick up the police reports. I posted what they gave me, but I'm undecided about including the names of those arrested. I'm kind of chicken:) Not all reports are released to the press. If there is a pending investigation of a serious offense, the report is not included. // Among the concessions sold at Riverboat Days were fake cigarettes ($1.50 for one cig) that looked amazingly similar to the real thing; and some pretty powerful toy BB guns at $8.00 a piece. The police confiscated at least one of those BB guns. Why sell them at a family fest? I'm surprised the CD bootleggers didn't have booths set up. They do, or did, at Dollar General and I still see them along Sycamore. // Here's a quick Christmas Wish List: an intermodal transportation hub is built in Cairo, basketball courts at St. Mary's Park (nobody uses the tennis courts!), the Gem Theater has movies again, the Cairo High School Marching Band has new (or used) uniforms, the Armory is converted to a Community Theater, the flood wall downtown is painted with brightly colored murals, a Civil Rights Museum featuring Preston Ewing's photos is established, a Blues Museum is built, Riverboat Days has music that black folks like, and it's safe for kids to walk to Supervalu after dark for a quarter soda pop.

October 2, 2005:  If anybody out there knows the mayor, please send him a message from me. Ask him to look up "intermodalism." I will make it to a council meeting soon. When I do, I will ask him what the definition is. Hint: there's an entire section of the federal government's website devoted to intermodalism. Somebody in Cairo knows what it is, because there's a reference to it on a plaque at the pavilion in St. Mary's Park. BTW, how does that park incorporate intermodalism? Hmmm. // Can anything be done about THAT SMELL that visits Cairo far too often? People tell me that eventually I won't even notice it. WRONG! It's a nauseous odor. I get sick from it. The smell was here for nearly an entire week, when I moved here in July. I figured I had moved to a smelly town. Then I thought that everybody here was cooking the same nasty stuff. Finally, someone explained that it comes from a paper factory across the river. It smells like rotting vegetables. It's a thick smell, too. Not a light & breezy odor that comes & goes. This one sinks into your home. Anyway, don't factories have to install some kind of ventilation to control stink? // Almost forgot! The Cairo Fire Chief informed me that Cairo's Fire Department does not have a rating of 10 (as I was told by a firefighter w/the department. See? Not all mistakes here are mine.). They have a 6. And they are working on improving that score. There will be a Q&A type interview with the chief posted here soon. And some pretty pictures of the trucks and engines (I learned there is a difference between the two). // On Friday night, Christopher-Zeigler-Royalton defeated Cairo High School with a score of 0-49. There must be someone in Cairo willing to write about the Pilots. Just a paragraph or two sent to me by email the morning after the games. Please?! Email me, if interested. Thanks. // Anyone interested in wrecked and abandoned steamboats still sitting at the bottom of the Mississippi between St. Louis and Cairo? Here's an article for ya: "Long-Lost Steamboat Emerges In Receding Waters, " from,

October 1, 2005:  There was nothing happening at St. Mary's Park at 9:00pm tonight. I went there intending to get photos of the band and the crowd, but there wasn't a soul in sight. I knew there were scheduled events for Riverboat Days, but I assumed the park activities continued throughout the weekend (bands, food, chit chat w/neighbors.) There were few people at the park Friday night as well. Probably because those who enjoy gentle, Dixieland style music (a trio, mind you) were blocks away at 'Little Miss.' Tonight there was only the Ball. Why wasn't a band booked at the park that people under the age of 60 would enjoy? Even the teenagers in town would have enjoyed r&b & funk. Didn't have to be rap. Nothing going at the park, so I drove by the Armory where it was packed with cars throughout the surrounding blocks. Now I'm wondering how Riverboat Days is financed. If it's privately funded, then I have no complaint. A gala such as the coronation can be quite expensive to attend. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in Alexander County was 10.2 percent in July 2005. Riverboat Days was a missed opportunity. It received much press. Most of the citizens knew about it, yet most of the citizens were also excluded from it. I mean, what is Riverboat Days? It's supposed to be a COMMUNITY celebration. Yet, Friday and Saturday nights were dominated by beauty pageants. A beauty pageant is not QUITE a community event. It's not inclusive enough. And, some people, like myself, find them to be harmful to females. Females already have a difficult time being taken seriously by men in the business world. Let's not encourage it. If I've lost you, just look at the number of females in the teaching profession. Now look at the percentage of men who are administrators in education! If it weren't for unions, those female teachers would be making the kind of pay daycare teachers make. I'm off topic. Next year, fix the scheduling conflicts & book some bands that a "forty something" would enjoy. Try r&b and funk next year. Just because it's called Riverboat Days, doesn't mean everything must be period (Eg Dixieland music). After all, were 5-year-old's in makeup & ballgowns voted on by judges at the turn of the century? And who was wearing poodle skirts in the Riverboat Era? Geez! BTW, was it a Dixieland trio at the Ball? Finally, what happened to the blues fest I read about before moving here? I was told that it was a money loser. Was it? Who knows? // I heard everyone had a great time at the softball game Thursday night. One woman told me it was the most enjoyable event of Riverboat Days so far. DeBran was complaining of being sore Friday morning. // I just added photos from Friday afternoon & evening from St. Mary's Park. Next year, I hope events are scheduled better. The Little Miss Pageant was packed, while the band at the park played to 2-3 people. Some at the park figured large crowds would come to the park after the pageant, but that didn't happen. Probably should have had the pageant on Thursday night & the softball game on Friday night. The parade today was fun & I have many photos from that, too. They may be posted tomorrow. // I interviewed John Meyer, Cairo's Fire Chief, last night, but the interview was cut short when he had to answer a call in Elmwood. I went to Elmwood and attempted to get photos but was chastised by the police and my images were deleted. (No, I won't elaborate. I will say that I learned my lesson. No photos of crime scenes; not sure what the rule is re accident scenes.) That experience made me more at ease in my decision to publish the police & fire reports. I know that not all crimes were reported to the press where I lived previously. I will not be archiving the reports for a long period of time. They will be deleted after a week or so...maybe a month. And they will be protected from search engine indexing. The citizens should know what's happening regarding crime and protection in their town. On the other hand, information on the internet is too easily retrieved. Concerned (and nosey) citizens used to have to go to their library and search through stacks of old newspapers or search through microfiche to dig up info (sometimes dirt) on neighbors. Most didn't bother. But if that info is available with the click of a mouse, people will search for the names of neighbors, co-workers, potential son-in-laws, etc. And, employers could Google someone. We should not hinder a person's rehabilitation, by keeping their past online for decades. Oh, the reports will be available beginning Monday afternoon. Assume there will be glitches at first. // Heard another gunshot last night:(

September 30, 2005:  I missed the band at St. Mary's Park last night, but I'll get pictures of the band performing tonight. My kids were there last night & reported back that the singer was "pretty good." That's quite a compliment from kids who prefer The Killers, Linkin Park, and just about any rap with loud, thumping bass (esp. coming from a car with spinners:). My kids even recalled the songs he performed. They said the singer was Danny Mac with WKRO. // I mentioned in an Opinion piece here that we've had four bicycles stolen since July. This story, from the Post-Dispatch, is delightful: "Motor scooter theft victim uses Net to fetch clues" // Finally, I stumbled on a link that towboat enthusiasts will enjoy. It's a photo gallery of towboat images, many from this area. Visit

September 29, 2005:  Please support this website by reading about why you need a website (for your business or yourself!). Although this site is new, it has generated much interest already. If you purchase or send me a referral for a website account, you can advertise here for free for six months (you may transfer the offer to a friend who has a business)! Okay, yes, I need the money!! There's no money coming in while I'm building this site. Bwah, Bwah! Here's my portfolio.

September 27, 2005:  Cairo High School has Open House tonight. // Added an Events Calendar last night. You should be able to post your own events on it. I haven't made a key for it yet, but Cairo school events are in royal blue and white. The steel blue color denotes events at SIU in Carbondale. Found out Kanye West, the Grammy winning rapper who blasted Pres. Bush re the Katrina rescue effort, is performing on November 15 at SIU. I graduated from SIU in '83, btw. // Riverboat Days begins tomorrow. "What's It Worth" has been moved to the Armory. // SIU's Homecoming Parade is Saturday morning at 9:30. There will be approx. 100 units including 20 marching bands. That leaves time to make it back to Cairo for the Riverboat Days Parade at 1:30pm! // I found a site that is requesting info/photos about the El Patio Drive-In Theater. They have some photos already. Visit:

September 26, 2005:  Did you know there is a "More/Less" grammar rule? I kept looking at my headline in the Opinion piece about Farris cutting the police force & it didn't look nor sound correct (using "less".) So I Googled "more" + "less" + "grammar" and voilá! Here's the rule:

Rule: Use fewer to describe countable things. Use less to describe uncountable quantities, collective amounts, and degree. These terms are not interchangeable. --

The Cairo Chamber of Commerce was vandalized over the weekend. The contents of desk drawers were dumped on the floor, but that's all I know. Also, a van flipped over on or near the levee Saturday evening about 6:30. One passanger was air lifted for treatment. Wish I could tell you more. I'm going to check into getting copies of police and fire reports to post on the 'Gate.'

September 24, 2005:  The Cairo Pilots football team was defeated by Elverado with a score of 70-6. Please support Cairo's football team by attending their next home game on October 14th.

September 23, 2005:  Musician Stace England, "Greetings from Cairo," is playing at the City of Roses Music Festival in Cape Girardeau this weekend. Stace wrote a nice piece about the closing of Smith & Groves. Read it on his website, see News/Blog. I hope to interview Stace for this website soon. // Event descriptions and times for the Cairo Riverboat Days can be found at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce website at // Cairo High School has a home football game tonight. Go Pilots! // Someone informed me today that they could not email me from this site. But, they couldn't remember where the link was that they used. If anyone finds bad links to pages or emails, please let me know. It would be a great help to me. The main email address should work: // Update: Cairo High School's Open House has been changed to Tuesday, September 27.

September 22, 2005:  Last night my kids (Faith & Kent) photographed and videotaped some of the performances at the Katrina Gospel Fest fundraiser at the junior high near our house. I'm excited about having multimedia on this site. Regarding last night's recordings, I know I need a minidisc recorder & binaural microphone and Kent needs to keep that camera on the target! I heard some cars were broken into during the fest. More later.

September 21, 2005:  My first blog entry! If you made it here to the Cairo Gate website (both of you;), welcome. Please tell local writers (that means anyone who can write at the high school level) about this website. I need content! Info about Cairo events, sports teams, politics, etc. No pay, but you'll be helping to put Cairo on the map and you'll be encouraging community involvement.

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