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October 9, 2005
Protecting personal privacy
Hospital records must be secured immediately
By anonymous

abandoned hospital I read somewhere where the mayor when referring to the recently discovered medical records at the old hospital, said it was not his concern. I believe that is what he said. Well, I would think that it would be the city's concern when they know that these records are there and not protected.

It would seem it would be the right thing do right now; to go and secure these records immediately, as well as anything else in there that should be removed or destroyed to protect privacy issues. Either the mayor or city council should take action to properly search, secure, document and protect these items until they can be disposed of properly.

I take issue with the fact that these records are there; more so with the fact that a TV station has broadcast this fact to anyone that will listen.

It would seem feasible to me that a group of concerned citizens could go [to the hospital] as a group, film the venture and gather and seal these records in some kind of container(s) without examining them, then place them in a safe spot until somebody could tell them what to do with these records. It would be even better if they had an attorney or the assistance of the city and police department to advise them as they exercise this seizure to protect these records.

I say this without knowledge of how much material we are talking about; probably a large undertaking, but none the less something has to be done. And the building must be secured to prevent future entry as well.

The liability of this matter boggles my mind! I would venture to say that the State of Illinois would have something to say about this and that they should step in to resolve this issue. The records should not be there, someone has a liability to care for these, destroy them, etc...

Personal privacy is a big issue these days. Cairo not reacting to immediately take care of this makes me think they are on a different planet or something.

Concerned citizens of Cairo: call the Illinois Attorney General's office regarding this matter.

Photos of the abandoned hospital

On the web: Illinois Attorney General contact info

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