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Saturday, January 14, 2006 9:44 PM
Paul Farris and City Council
By Mary Fiessinger

To Those Concerned:

How do you ever get anything done in the city of Cairo, when you can't agree on things? I can remember when Cairo was a booming town, and could be again, if you would work together. You can't get anything done by arguing amongst yourselves. It seems like all you are worrying about is a pay check instead of bettering the city of Cairo.

If, you can't get anything accomplished you don't deserve a paycheck. All of these old buildings that need to be torn down, are an eyesore in the city. When people come to visit Cairo, that's the first thing they notice. If you got busy cleaning up the town, you wouldn't have so much time to argue.

I saw Paul Farris in the beauty shop and mentioned a hole in the street where I live, that you could stick your head in. He talked like he would have it fixed, but whoever he sent to fix it just put sand in it. It washed right out. Is this the kind of person, we need to lead our city? I think not, the street needed to be patched like all other streets.

If, the people would only get busy, we would have a prosperous growing city like we used to have. Cairo can come back, but you will never gain anything, stabbing people in the back. So why not quit the jibbering and work for Cairo and the welfare of the people.


Mary Fiessinger

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